04 Cash Credit & Promo Code

What is Cash Credit?

Cash Credit is a reward that exclusively for GOSUKAN member to enjoy an extra discounts for particular product(s). You may found out that some product(s) are not entitled to the cash credit promo. Please refer to below image for availability of cash credits for each products.

1) If the product have an extra amount of discount that's mean Cash Credit is available

How to claim Cash Credit?

1) Login if you have an account, register if don't have an account and get RM200 Cash Credit exclusive

2) You can select any item you want and it will appear like the image above

1) To claim the Cash Credit, you may tick the claim cash credit box

2) After that you may select the size you prefer

3) Done selecting you can add to cart

1) The item you add to cart will appear at the right top of the page and you may view your cart and also checkout if you done shopping

1)  If the pickup from store box appear like the image shown above, you just ignore it by click x

1) After you click view cart, you can check the price and make sure the cash credit is already tick. If not tick, please tick to apply cash credit

1) On checkout section it will appear like the image above, you have to fill in all the billing address and also delivery address

2) On the shopping cart make sure you check the product you select,price,cash credit, and the total

1) Make sure you tick on Return Policy box before you proceed to confirm order

2) You also can add comment about your order at the comment section

Can Cash Credit refundable or claim to cash term?

Every cash credit used cannot be claim to cash. It will be refund as cash credit back.

How can I collect Cash Credit?

When you register as a member in our Gosukan Website, you will receive RM 200 cash credit as an appreciation reward.